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        Zhejiang Kaituo Electronics Co., Ltd

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        Zhejiang Kaituo Electronics Co.,Ltd., founded in 1985, is an enterprise specializing in producing auto motors. The company is located inRuianCity, the capital of Automobile & Motorcycle Spare Parts inChina. It is close to104 National Roadand YongTaiWen highway, coastal highway, 30 kilometers far fromWenzhouAirportand 15 kilometers from Ruian Railway Station. By the help of special economic mode ofWenzhouand the convenience of traffic , the company has now become one of the leading manufacturers in the auto motor business.
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        Zhejiang Kaituo Electronics Co., Ltd

        Add: No.66,Weiyi RD,Gexiang Zone, Southern Zhejiang Industrial Cluster District,Ruian,Zhejiang,China    Tel: 0086-577-65351188 65373898 65352521    Fax: 0086-577-65377770

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